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UPDATE: MISSING PERSON • Nicole Haggarty • Stratford, Ontario

UPDATE: MISSING PERSON • Nicole Haggarty • Stratford, Ontario


Please help spread the word about missing Nicole Haggarty  out of Stratford, Ontario.

UPDATE: We are very pleased to announce that Nicole Haggarty is safe and has made contact with her family. Many thanks to public for their assistance. 

STRATFORD — The Haggarty family is asking for the public’s assistance in locating missing Nicole Haggarty out of the Stratford area.

Nicole was last seen on December 3rd, 2016, when she said she was taking the train wherever it would take her.

Her family is concerned for her safety.

Privacy Photo
Privacy Photo
Nicole is described as:

• Gender: Female
• Eyes: Brown.
• Hair: Shaved.
• Height: 4’11”.
• Weight: 100 lbs.

Have any information? If you have any information in regards to Nicole’s whereabouts, you are being asked to contact Angela Haggarty at [REMOVED].

If you wish to remain anonymous with your helpful information, you are more than welcome to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or submit your tip online at tipsubmit.ca.

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  • April 3, 2018 at 12:39 PM

    Nicole is a very cute, sweet, honest, loveable, -and tremendously troubled- girl. I ‘found’ her, but apparently it was about a year too late. Last Nov/Dec. I met a girl who was rambling incoherently, and had a penchant for playing in traffic. Little did I know that this was symbolic of how she lived her life, in general. I pulled her out of the road, to avoid being hit by oncoming vehicles, a few times that night. I could barely understand a thing she was saying, and I walked away from her, hoping she would be okay, as a truck was headed towards her, she danced in the street, refusing to move. She seemed to be a wild, wacky, fun girl; she laughed a lot, made me laugh and feel good, and I hoped I would see her again. The first few times I seen her she would only communicate in a confused babble, and laugh. This was kind of cute, but made me wonder how she could get through life like that. Later, I discovered much to my astonishment, that not only could she speak coherently, but she was a well spoken, and intelligent girl. Apparently she was just having a bit of an ‘episode’ when I originally met her. I have since gotten to know her a bit, and think she is a very nice person, but has incredible obstacles in life holding her back. She does seem to be on a crash course of self-destruction, but doesn’t seem motivated, or to care enough, to change her path. I have tried to help Nicole out, and would love to help her make a positive change in her life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem she is making much of and effort to do so herself. I’ve learned that you can’t ‘help’ someone who doesn’t want help, or care enough about themselves to try. I think Nicole is an incredibly worthwhile person with lots of potential, but she has to believe that herself. She has what she perceives as insurmountable obstacles to overcome, and perhaps doesn’t believe it’s worth the effort to even try-that, saddens me. Every now and then, someone will come in to the periphery of your life, even if just briefly, and change and affect it, even if they don’t realize they have done so. Nicole is one of those people. Anything I’ve done for Nicole was just my way of paying her back for helping me. I’ve valued every minute I’ve spent with Nicole and know that I’m a better person for knowing her. I’m a fairly boring person, we don’t have much in common, and don’t share the same, uh ‘hobbies’. That is a testament to her being a nice person; she put up with me forcing my way into her life, uninvited and never once told me to get lost, even if I was bothering her. What a saint! –uh, that might be taking things a bit too far-ha-ha! I’m not sure if I will be speaking to her again, but if not, I’ll just say – Thanks, Nic!

  • Gwen Dewar
    December 17, 2016 at 2:44 AM

    Shared in Trenton Ontario. I hope she is found safe and sound!❤️❤️

      • May 18, 2018 at 10:37 AM

        Here’s a little poem I wrote, that is an ‘homage’ to Nichole’s old stomping ground -90 Carden Street, in Guelph, the place she chooses to ‘run away’ to. It’s called a ’cautionary tale’, for a reason; hopefully other young-or in this case, not so young- people, who want to run away, throw away their lives, and end up here, in this hell hole, can take heed! It’s not specifically about Nichole, just ‘her kind’. She did however, inspire the one line ‘Trading their bodies for drugs…’ which came from something she once said to me. So, this is dedicated to all the gals-both alive, and dead, (R.I.P.)- of Carden street, God bless, ‘em! (There is a generous amount of sarcasm, dripping from the words of that above, description!)

        90 Carden Street (a cautionary tale)

        If you’re homeless, drug addicted, or a criminal
        I know a place that you’ll soon go
        90 Carden Street, in Guelph, Ontario
        You’ll meet some people that I know
        So when you end up in the downtown and you have a deadly vice
        Before you cross through these doors you really should think twice

        90 Carden Street, is the place where they all go
        You’ll soon find, that it’s very dark inside
        Ghostly shadows, dance upon the walls
        From the meth pipe’s crimson glow

        There’s some young girls who were looking for their fix
        Now they’re sleeping in hallways, shooting up and turning tricks
        A needle in the arm, or a gun to the head
        It really makes no difference as they all soon end up dead

        90 Carden Street, will soon become your prison cell
        Or an anchor around your neck, that drags you down to hell
        You give away your needles saying this time that you’re through
        But this Meth addiction has got it hooks too deep into you

        The girls in the doorways will quickly make friends
        Trading their bodies for drugs is just a means to an end
        If you want their company they’ll rarely say no
        You don’t need to have money, just crystal meth or blow

        90 Carden Street is where they go to spend their time
        Mental illness, drugs, and sex, it’s the center of all crime
        Behind closed doors, a muffled scream or stifled cry
        Another rape, broken dream and blackened eye

        No reason to live or will to fight
        Perhaps in the next life you’ll all get things right
        Family, friends and morals long cast away
        Another hit on the meth pipe makes it all seem okay

        You still look sweet innocent and cute
        But behind those stony eyes, you cannot hide
        A life of sadness and all the crystal that you shoot
        The tracks down your arms trace a lifetime of pain
        There’s no self-control when the needle calls out your name

        90 Carden is a place you wish you didn’t know
        Sitting in a darkened room,
        With another blackened spoon
        By the meth pipe’s dying glow
        No chocolates for Valentine’s, just another beating or two
        You think those black eyes that he gives you means ‘I love you’

        Demons from the shadows of your mind
        Come alive at night, they haunt you and won’t let you go
        No friendly monsters in this dream, just another frightened scream
        As this nightmare feeds off your weakness, and continues to grow

        At 90 Carden Street, the madness never ends
        You’ve been up for days and are tweaking again
        They’ll steal your shoes while you sleep, or cell phone, once again
        The people who do this you thought were your friends

        You tell people you don’t do drugs, as you look them in the eye
        You’ve said this so much you start to believe your own lies
        Saying that you’re clean and sober, is your inside joke
        Because you’ll soon be in your room, snorting lines of coke

        90 Carden becomes a noose around your throat
        Slowly it tightens until you finally choke
        You want to get out, but you don’t know what to do
        Jail, death, or insanity are the only options left for you

        90 Carden Street, is the place where they all go
        The needle is loaded with Fentanyl,
        And the meth pipe ceases to glow
        Once inside Carden, you’ll soon learn the reason why
        When the door slams shut, it’s too late to escape
        It’s the place where they all go to die.

  • Anne Gavin
    December 15, 2016 at 6:09 PM

    Shared with my family in Stratford. Praying Nicole is quickly found safe.


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